Brama Południa - Exodus 2020

The Christian Conference "Brama Poludnia - Exodus 2020" organized in Krynica Zdrój is an event which purpose is to experience God acting in His power. Jesus Christ, who heals and speaks to us directly every day, is the God we want to glorify. We invite everyone to the performance of famous music groups: Exodus 15, Missio Musica and Ania Świątczak - the vocalist of the band "Ich Troje", who will tell us about how she met the best king in the world, for whom she devoted her whole life. Brama Poludnia (Gate of The South) - Exodus 2020 is a time of very good music, moving testimonies of a changed life, seminars and worshipping of God. In addition to music bands there will be well known speakers: Leszek Mocha, Janusz Lindner, Tomasz Kmiecik and Zbigniew Kusion. Come and join us. We invite you to Krynica Zdrój from 06 to 09 August 2020.

Musical concerts

Exodus 15 -  group of friends who were connected by the love of music and a willingness to serve God and people. The team is part of the Proem Foundation - a Christian mission that has been operating in Poland for over 25 years, the aim of which is to reach everyone with the gospel.
Ania Świątczak - vocalist of the band "Ich Troje". In 2014 she joined the "South Christian Community" and experienced a conversion. From that day on, she serves God with music, and with her life she testifies to what Jesus has done for her personally. Since 2017 she has been running the Christian "Turning Point" program.
Missio Musica -  "Our goal is to reach people with the Gospel. We have become musical missionaries. Serving Jesus brings us enormous joy and satisfaction. God has given us a wonderful tool - music. We want it to flow from our hearts and to reach our hearts."


Tomasz Kmiecik - "God who heals"
Janusz Lindner - "Overcome fear, free courage"
Zbigniew Kusion - "Hear God every day"


Leszek Mocha - Pastor of the "Oaza Jastrzębie-Zdrój" church
Tomasz Kmiecik - Pastor of the "Shoreline" church in Częstochowa
Janusz Lindner -  Pastor of the "Charisma" church in Krotoszyn
Zbigniew Kusion - Pastor of the "Zdrój Wody Żywej" church in Krynica-Zdrój

Vision of the conference

To know and experience God working in His power

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