Janusz Lindner

Pastor of "Charisma" church, run by him and his wife Mariola. His main message is to preach biblical truth to people theme of God's kingdom by proclaiming the full power of the Jesus Christ's gospel, containing salvation from sins, healing the sick, and expulsion of demons. People addicted to alcohol and drugs, and former prisoners occupy a special place in the pastor's service 

He used to be a wrestling club player and coach. Today, the skills gained on the mat are used in the fight for the Kingdom of God, leading people to freedom.


Tomasz Kmiecik

Pastor of Shoreline Church in Czestochowa. He and his wife Joanna are also founders of of the non-profit organization of the Eurohelp Women's Aid Foundation. The cornerstone of his service is the promise of the Lord Jesus: "They will lay their hands on the sick, and they will recover." (Mark 16: 17-18). He believes that Jesus Christ continues to heal people as he does when he lived on earth. The author of the book "Why does God only heal some people?". The man who, thanks to God, fought the victorious battle for his life and healing, experienced God's work and he saw people healed by the power of God. Today he serves others with his charisma as preacher and evangelist, giving inspiration, encouragement, faith and hope.

The will of God is to heal every person - what do you think about that?


Leszek Mocha

Pastor of the Pentecostal Church "Oaza" in Jastrzębie Zdrój, a long-term director National Mission, as well as a member of the Supreme Church Council. There is passion for Jesus in his heart and preaching the Gospel to every creature around the world. He serves God's Word on many continents. For seven years with his wife Małgosia they were missionaries in India. His life motto is the poem from the Letter to Ephesians 3:20: " Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us".  

 Love and the passion for Jesus manifests itself in every word that is spoken by the Pastor Leszek.


Zbigniew Kusion

Pastor of the “Zdrój Woda Żywej” congregation in Krynica Zdrój, chaplain at the Prison in Nowy Sącz, where he and his wife Teresa run many years of service. For several years, she has been conducting marriage therapies and dealing with Christian counseling in the field of rebuilding and building spiritual foundations in the life of a child of God. Shepherd, teacher, passionate servant of the Lord Jesus to fulfill God's calling in his and other people's lives. Years ago, experiencing God's great love and power that can change any circumstance, today he lives his love for God and other people.

 Listening and recognizing the voice of the Spirit in his personal life is the priority and daily service of the pastor Zbigniew.